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PostHeaderIcon Keeping Cool in Summer While Playing Tennis

Playing tennis in hot, humid weather?

Keep these tennis tips in mind

  • Keep in mind that the temperature on a hard court in the summer can be 20 degrees hotter than the air temperature
  • Clay courts are cooler, are more forgiving and dry quicker after a Florida rain shower
  • Drink plenty of water.  My daughter brings a ½ gallon jug; one bottle is not enough.
  • Replace electrolytes and sodium by drinking sports drinks
  • During high heat, encourage players to take a drink approximately every 15 minutes or every change over, even when they are not thirsty
  • Drink before playing as well as during
  • Put water on your hand or towel and wet your neck, face and the top of your head
  • A spray water bottle, mister or fan can also be used to cool down a player, when it’s hot
  • Practice early in the morning or in the early evening when the weather is not as extreme
  • Wear a hat
  • Take a cool shower, a dip in a pool or relax in the air-conditioning between matches
  • Use sunscreen on all exposed areas of the skin when you practice and play
  • Being in shape can give you a big advantage when it comes to enduring the heat
  • Get acclimated to our weather and practice in the heat before a tournament because matches are played all day even during the hottest part of the day
  • Sit in the shade or under an umbrella during breaks and change-over’s
  • Before playing eat light and avoid heavy foods
  • Dress in light-weight, breathable, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing
  • Wear a wristband, use towels and use sticky grip to keep a good grip on your racquet


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